Heavy Duty Racking Systems : Raw Material Storage
Medium Duty Racking Systems : Finished Goods / Medium Weight Structures
Light Duty Systems : Accessory Storage
Mezzanine Floors : Utility of Office Space / Line Extensions
Gondolas : Display Systems
Plastic Pallets : Goods Movement / Shipment Movement
Material Handling Systems : Transport Modules
Order pickers : Stackers
Reach Trucks : Hand Pallets
Material Handling Equipment  : Scissor Lifts / Goods Hoists
Mechanical Conveyor Systems : Railing Systems / Conveyor Belts
Compact Racking System : Movable Lockable Racking System

Compact Racking System / Movable Lockable Racking System

Mobile Racking Systems, Movable Racking Systems, Lockable Racking Systems

1. Anchor bolt free

ㆍbolt is not necessary to fix the rail on the floor.

2. Add on type

ㆍ1 basic unit + maximum 9 connect units can be added

3. Side panel

ㆍEach level is totally blocked by side panel.

4. Handle

ㆍHandle has a hook system inside so that the hook will catch and make the mobile rack move only someone turns the handle. The other handles will keep straight position while it is moving.

5. Easy to assemble

ㆍAll parts are packed in carton boxes with easy labeling ㆍJust follow the assembly manual then you can install with only a screwdriver

6. Various accessories

ㆍCustomers need various options, we have many kind of accessory ㆍAccessory : Wire Bookend, Pull out Frame, Pull out Drawer, Hanging Shelve, Lockable Door

The mobile rack of SCANTEK does not only maximize office work efficiency by excellent space efficiency and economic feasibility, but also creates pleasant office work environment.

Office running cost increases every year due to the land price, construction cost, rent, building maintenance cost that increases from day to day.

Gone is the era when space efficiency is considered in terms of how many persons are put in the unit area as before.

SCANTEK mobile rack has a function that can utilize a limited space 2~3 times more efficiently.

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